Sindy -  "Collectible Sindy Dolls"
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images/rollerbladesindy2_big.jpg Rollerblade Sindy 1996 by Hasbro. MIB

Rollerblade Sindy Doll £9:99 [plus shipping at cost]. [click on pics to enlarge]

images/gymsindy2_big.jpg Gymnastique Sindy 1995 by Hasbro MIB]

Gymnastique Sindy Doll £9:99 [plus shipping at cost]


images/sunshinesindy2_big.jpg Sindy's friend Sunshine Petra 1994 by Hasbro MIB

images/sunshinesindy1_big.jpg £7:99 [plus shipping at cost]

images/coolcoloursteenskipper2_big.jpg Cool colours teen Skipper 1997 by Mattel MIB

Cool Colours Skipper Sindy Doll £9:99 [plus shipping at cost]

images/pearlbeachteenskipper2_big.jpg Teen Skipper with magic pearl ring 1997 by Mattel MIB

Teen Skipper Sindy Doll £6:99 [plus shipping at cost]

Sindy -  "Collectible Sindy Doll - OOAK, Reroots, Repaints etc."

Sindy - Sweet Dreams OOAK - click to enlarge pic [click on pics to enlarge] Sindy - Sweet Dreams OOAK - click to enlarge pic

Sweet Dreams Reroot
Sweet Dreams Sindy has been rerooted with long champagne blonde 2 tone hair. Looks like highlights. Length is just below the waist. She is wearing a repro Sweet Dreams nightie and dressing gown set designed and made by Ruthsdolls. Nightie has an elasticated bodice. Dressing gown has elasticated waist and fastens with a snap. Made from white cotton with blue floral print and white lace edging. Original white Sindy slippers.
£38:00 [plus shipping at cost]

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