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MINIMUM ORDER VALUE £15, plus postage/shipping

Send your order in an e-mail message to Lisa at:

If you're not sure what to put, here's a suggestion: 'click' on this email link open your new mail message to me. Then just fill in your info: name, address, post/zipcode, item required, total price incl. posage/shipping, any colour choice if available.

I will confirm your order by return, e-mail you when goods are shipped, and again to check that you are satisfied when you receive them.

Payment: Please discuss Payment with Lisa.

For shipping costs of Dolls, see individual price details.

We Ship Worldwide!

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Please note: Standard Airmail to/from England and the USA, Canada, Worldwide usually takes 7-10 days: to/from England and Europe, 3-7 days. Within the UK, letters and parcels usually take 2-3 days.


*Sasha Doll:
Lisa's Sandals and Shoes for 16" Sasha Doll ]
Lisa's Shoes for 16" Sasha Doll ]
Lisa's Boots for 16" Sasha Doll ]
Lisa's Sandals, Shoes and Boots for Sasha Baby and Toddler Doll ] 

*Kidz 'n' Cats Doll:
[ Lisa's Sandals and Shoes for 18" Kidz 'n' Cats Doll]
[ Lisa's Boots for 18" Kidz 'n' Cats Doll

*Gotz Hannah, Sarah, and Happy Kidz Doll
[ Lisa's Sandals and Shoes for 19.5" Gotz Doll ]
[ Lisa's Boots for 1905" Gotz Doll

*Sylvia Natterer 18" Gotz Fanouche and Petitcollin Finouche Doll
[ Lisa's Sandals and Shoes for 18" Natterer Doll ]
[ Lisa's Boots for 18" Natterer Doll

*Collectible Dolls For Sale

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