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I can cure a variety of common ailments in dolls, bears and stuffed toys. All makes of Vinyl Dolls are welcome.
Please look at the Medical page to see what I can do for your treasured friend, and the Patients page to see before and after pictures.

*Sasha Hospital:
We can cure your Sasha Doll [and other vinyl dolls: Gotz, Sylvia Natterer, Holly, fashion dolls like Sindy etc.] of a variety of common ailments.
We can do Restringing, Repaints, Reroots, Stain Removal, Hair Conditioning ... and more.
Please look at the Medical page to see what we can do for your doll,
and the Patients page to see before and after pictures



Lisa's Sasha Studio and Course Doll Footwear

* Real Leather Colours available include:
Yellows: bright yellow, pale primrose, pale gold.
Pinks and Reds: bright red, hot pink, fuchsia, burgundy, lilac, dusky pink, darkest [wine] red, dark cerise.

Blues and Greens: pale blue suede, dark green, dark green distressed, apple green, acid green, navy, viridian, olive, grass green, bluebell, greyish blue.:

Naturals: chestnut, camel, dark brown, off-white, cream, ecru, mid brown, black, white.
Ask Lisa if colour required is not listed.
All sandals, shoes and boots must be worn with socks or tights to prevent any possibility of staining the doll vinyl.

[ Lisa's Boots, Sandals and Shoes for 20" Sasha Studio and Course Dolls ]

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