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*Sasha Doll:
[ Collectible Sasha Dolls For Sale ]
Lisa's Sandals and Shoes for 16" Sasha Doll - Page One ]
Lisa's Shoes for 16" Sasha Doll - Page Two ]
Lisa's Boots for 16" Sasha Doll - Page Three]
Lisa's Sandals, Shoes and Boots for Sasha Baby and Toddler Doll - Page Four ] 
*Sindy Doll:
[ Lisa's Sindy Clothes and Outfits ]
[ Sindy Collectible Dolls For Sale
and OOAK Dolls available ]
[ Lisa's Sindy Doll Footwear] 

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[ Barbie Dolls For Sale] 
[ Bratz Dolls For Sale]
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[ Collectible Fashion Dolls For Sale ]
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